Serving hospitals since 1946

The 12,000 m² Distribution Center, the 120 representatives nationwide, and the wide variety of more than 9,000 products, reflect our sense of unity and teamwork, our ethical and responsible work, symbolizing the expansion that yields the continuous development of the company.


1946 - The beginning:
The history of Cirúrgica Fernandes is intertwined with the history of one of its founders, Mr. Luis Fernandes, who started his career as a hospital supplies salesman in 1945. The following year, in partnership with his cousin Joseph Ganade, he founded Cirúrgica Fernandes.
Early 70s - Cirúrgica Fernandes in other hands:
In 1968, the partners realized that meeting the customers’ demand had become impossible. By 1972, they decide to sell the company.
1975 - The resumption:
Three years later, as a consequence of the new owners’ lack of experience, Cirúrgica Fernandes starts showing signs of exhaustion, allowing for its repurchase by the original founders.
By the end of the 1970s, the company is reestablished, with the opening of the first store to sell directly to customers. As of the early 1980's, the second generation of the family, the children of Mr. Fernandes, Luis Antonio and Marcos, take part in the board of directors.
1980 - Expansion plan:
Due to the necessity for greater storage capacity, an 8,000 m² area in the outskirts of São Paulo is acquired.
2000s - Reference in the segment:
In 2002, the premises give rise to a 10-story building that houses the first mega store of medical and hospital products. In 2006, the construction of a new distribution center is initiated, along with new headquarters in Tamboré, in an area of 25,000 m².
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The constant search for excellence in service and providing high quality services is Cirúrgica Fernandes’ main priority, as well as investing in infrastructure and modernization, generating exponential increase in the quality of our services.

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Excellence in Quality

Cirúrgica Fernandes has been an important part of the related market since 1946, always offering high quality products and services for more than 20,000 customers. The company is a pioneer in being certified in Good Storage and Distribution Practices, which further highlights their constant search for service excellence.

Cirúrgica Fernandes’ Warehouse Management System (WMS), with fully computerized and all-standardized operations, can guarantee the conditions of the marketed products since the qualification of each manufacturer and supplier, the maintenance of such process, continuous inspection of incoming, stored and shipped goods, ensuring ideal storage conditions and fully monitored handling.

With an area of over 6,000 m² of vertical storage, the company can guarantee delivery even when the manufacturer faces a momentary shortage of product. All of our investments in infrastructure have the sole objective to exceed the expectations of our customers, exponentially growing in quality and convenience in every year of existence.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Cirúrgica Fernandes’ main concern is to base its actions on the pillars of social awareness and responsibility.
The company has well established partnerships, just like the one it has had since 2008 with the Young Apprentice program, which aims to prepare trainees through vocational courses and place them in the job market.

The Recyclable Materials Association of Vila Esperança (AVEMARE) is another formal partner Cirúrgica Fernandes has maintained since 2009, donating about 500 carton boxes per day. Such initiative not only minimizes environmental impact, but also stimulates the development of social cooperatives.

In recognition for its social environmental actions, Cirúrgica Fernandes was awarded the Anhanguera Prize for the best entrepreneur company in 2010. Conceived by the city of Santana do Parnaíba through the City Employment and Economic Development Committee (SEMEDES), the award aims to recognize the city entrepreneurs who perform actions to encourage and foster the local economy, within the ethics of social and environmental responsibility, as well as being an encouragement to entrepreneurs’ positive contribution to the transformation of the city.